Friday, 30 April 2010

End of an era, well kinda...

OMPADC IS COMPLETE. To see the complete thing from beginning to end click here.

Now you've done looking at my attempts at photography, time for a review of what I have learnt from my OMPADC.

1) Taking a different photo a day is hard! Not so much the actual photo taking but the finding of a topic. Being only a temporary working type I am fairly sedentary and tend not to go anywhere to take a picture of something interesting. So in some respects, inspiration is difficult.

2) Actual photograph composition is a tricky subject. Getting something arranged to look good is a tricky process but I think I developed a little over the course of this project. Getting some things that look less like I've pointed the camera at something and clicked. One thing I did to make my photos better for any future projects was to buy a tripod. It was actually used the other day to photograph the Ian Dury album cover.

3) Black & White is AWESOME. I wish I could use it more but it is a nuisance and can only be applied retrospectively on my camera so means I have to get the ideal picture for it BEFORE I black & white.

4) I will do this again. Not sure when but some sunny.. Oh wait! That's Vera Lynn. I enjoyed doing it and I think, knowing what I do now hope to get a much better result.

And finally... a skateboarding otter. No, in seriousness. This blog is the recipient of an award! *dramatic fanfare* Oh yes! Well in recognition of this I am going to give you seven people who are winners of this award of awesome! In no particular order, no favouritism here, just an order.

1. Mark Watson
2. The Uneven Bookshelf
3. Learning to Read
4. Back of the Net
5. Running The Central Line
6. Howlie
7. Stuff About Cake...

Now I could tell you why I nominated them but I think you should iscover them for yourself. SPREAD THE BLOG LOVE!!

Also. If you are doing your own OMPADC. I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. i don't think my camera can do black and white AT ALL. sad face.

    also. if you live a sedentary lifestyle, does that make you a sedent/sedant? like pedant?