Monday, 5 April 2010

Literally an update!

Firstly, here is the link to my OMPADC as mentioned in the last blog. I will post it in every blog that I do for the remainder of the month for people to check.

On with the serious blogging.


I submitted my story and I have started to learn the chords to play Sesame Street.


I won't blog about the new Doctor Who. That could take me a while. Suffice to say, I enjoyed.

This blog instead shall be a bit more light hearted. I say light hearted, what I mean is, more a discussion wherein I talk, you read (or not, unlike a face to face conversation, you can just walk away).

As mentioned elsewhere, I simply love language. One of my favourite things is the humble bracket( ( & ) ) but this shall be a subject of a later blog. No, in this instance I shall be blogging about the word LITERALLY.

Now as you can see, I think it deserves both bold, capitals AND a colour. The word is brilliant simply because it is LITERALLY and I do mean it like that, misused. The guiltiest offenders are perhaps sports reporters and fools. One such example comes from Soccer Saturday ( for those not in the know, it features men sitting around watching football and reporting on it, whilst scores update). It is one of the most inexplicably entertaining shows on TV. The offender in this instance is Paul Merson, who, whilst reporting on Tottenham Hotspur vs Wolverhampton Wanderers said "Spurs will LITERALLY rip Wolves apart". Whilst this sentence is easily understood, it does conjure up an altogether more violent and disturbing image of football. An image I am sure that Arsene Wenger sees happening to his players all the time in "The Great Arsenal Conspiracy". Other misuses of the L word would include " We would LITERALLY laugh our heads off". There are many more, but they are so numerous, this blog would become a list with every few words being in bold red letters.

Now, I don't think people who misuse it should be shot, on the other hand, I love it because of the mental imagery it conjures up. Some people, I appreciate abuse it for a sense of hyperbole but for me it is a purely comical word. If anyone has an example, take note and think about the meaning it conjures up.


  1. classy bag contents. i'ma definitely gonna do this challenge when i buy myself a camera. i'll do it for may i think.

    "they bite my players," said Wenger, after the game. "you can see Tevez running around outside, even now, with Denilson's ankle in his teeth."

  2. nice blog, check out my tysic effort at its a (hopefully) funny football blog. Pip Pip