Thursday, 1 April 2010


The incomprehensible unpronounceable acronym at the top of this page stands for One Month Photo A Day Challenge.

My aim is to take a photograph a single, solitary photograph every day for the next 30 days of the month (April). I will take these photo on my camera and upload it the following day to a photo website (to which I will provide a link later).

My plan is to wait until this weekend to upload the first 3 photos of the month, ready for you people to check.

As an added incentive to myself, I will only take each photo once. No re-setting the shot if I don't get the image how I want.


  1. Awesome :) Is there a theme for the photos, or just whatever takes your fancy at the time?

  2. Whatever I fancy really. I initially panned a theme but it seemed cliché. The theme was Northern Architecture with grey skies.

  3. i'm looking forward to seeing these. i really need to buy a camera before the summer, when i do, i will shamelessly copy you.

  4. I like this idea, I may steal it at a later date.

  5. Feel free to steal the idea. The more people that do it the better I say.