Thursday, 19 August 2010

Marvel Zombies

By Robert Kirkman.

Whilst this isn't the only book I have read since I last did one of these book bloglets. It is the most recent one beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. K.

Now I quite enjoy superhero movies and games. I have even read a couple of graphic novels. This however I found to be utterly terrible. Truly just the worst kind of thing. Maybe it's because, Shaun of the Dead aside I find zombies rather tedious topics.

This was just overly violent, gore splattered and totally uninteresting. The characters feel rather flat and stereotypical, the whole thing just feels poor.

There we go. A negative review. Next time, hopefully more positive. Also it will be a non alphabook.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Blow Hard (it's a joke)

Ok, I have set myself the aim of mastering an instrument to some degree of competence over the course of the next decade. Previous readers may remember that I had chosen the guitar for this purpose. Now, I've learnt a few chords on the guitar but there is something not very me about it. So I shall put that to one side for the moment and choose something more "me".

I am awkward and not very guitary, so I chose the instrument that best suits that character. The clarinet. I enjoy jazz, especially that of Benny Goodman, for which I have to thank my grandad. Therefore the jazzy sound of the clarinet seemed ideal. I managed to pick an ok starter one for £30 on eBay. I can now play a few notes and what have you. I am aiming to be able to read notes easier and play some simple pieces by October.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sheer ineptness

Right, I have ignored this blog for an age.

This is due to a number of factors. First I am inept. This has been established elsewhere on this blog. Secondly, I have been busy at Edinburgh festival and working. These two take up time.

I shall keep this one simple. I have put the A-Z thing on hold. I got annoyed with Rudyard Kipling. This was enough to make me pause and read some stuff I wanted to. These include, the Great Gatsby, some more Conan Doyle (aided by the brilliant Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss series).

I am also learning the clarinet (this shall be a mid-week blog topic).

I submitted a story to the Oxfam story writing competition, not heard anything yet. Apparently a judge is on holiday.

Not sure what else to say. Like I said, inept.