Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Blow Hard (it's a joke)

Ok, I have set myself the aim of mastering an instrument to some degree of competence over the course of the next decade. Previous readers may remember that I had chosen the guitar for this purpose. Now, I've learnt a few chords on the guitar but there is something not very me about it. So I shall put that to one side for the moment and choose something more "me".

I am awkward and not very guitary, so I chose the instrument that best suits that character. The clarinet. I enjoy jazz, especially that of Benny Goodman, for which I have to thank my grandad. Therefore the jazzy sound of the clarinet seemed ideal. I managed to pick an ok starter one for £30 on eBay. I can now play a few notes and what have you. I am aiming to be able to read notes easier and play some simple pieces by October.

1 comment:

  1. this. is. awesome.

    you have to keep this up, you just have to. it's the perfect final piece in the matthew stead puzzle.