Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Where's the WAR at?

This blog is short because it's an apology. Basically I'm apologising for the lack of a WAR blog, this being Wednesday my typical WAR day.

I haven't done one because basically I haven't listened to an album this week. I have been rather busy, mostly writing. I did have one planned. It was going to be a Bowie album, either "Hunky Dory" or "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars". In the end I went for Ziggy. Hunky just seemed too easy.

Also I'm not sure if I am enjoying the whole process of WAR. It feels more a somewhat pointless exercise de to my somewhat mediocre reviewing skills. I feel like I can't really contribute anything with the reviewing skills.

Maybe the WAR should end and instead I could do something different. Maybe change the focus of the blog? Axe WAR and stick just to writing and MFWE with the occasional OMPADC over the course of the ten years? Posting short stories written solely for you lovely visitors?

I don't really know if I'm being truly honest.


  1. I'd say definitely stick with WAR. They can still be weekly,in a way, without you having to worry about missing one.

    as for your reviewing skills, they're fine. you've not done enough WARs to show what your distinctive approach is, but it's there and you will find it and develop it. but only by doing it a lot. believe me, there are lots of bad amateur reviewers on the web, and you're not one of them. stick at it!
    I think keep it as one of your regular things. you're a music fan as much as you are a reader, so i think it should be part of your 'direction'.

    as for 'rather busy, mostly writing', well that's a great phrase about a great thing.

  2. This is what happens when someone is just too multi-talented. If only you were able to listen to and critique an album WHILE writing a story AND taking a photo of something. Alas, you are but one man. I assure you, however, that you are a very entertaining (often even informative!) one and you should continue your efforts. If you need to readjust the timelines of how often certain things are posted... go ahead and do it! It's your blog man, so it's your world. You're the King of Bongo, baby!