Saturday, 15 May 2010

Paddinton Helps Out


So, as promised here is my next A-Z review. The lucky book in question features a great fictional bear and all round good egg. Paddington is brilliant and quite simply one of my favourite childrens characters. He is a great role model because he always tries his best in any situation. This particular series of stories sees Paddington getting into his usual series of misadventures with the laundrette and cooking a meal.

For me this book is largely what reading is all about. It's about fun and the sheer enjoyment of literature, the joy of his mishaps and the polite way he tries to just be helpful. If you ever want to read one of those books that can just make you smile as you read it and just lighten your mood read Paddington.


  1. fun, sheer enjoyment, joy, mishaps, misadventures, smile, lighten your mood.

    not only does this make me want to read some Padders right now, it makes me want to write a post about all the different reasons for reading. but that's ambitious. maybe not yet.

  2. Hello! Thanks for leaving a great comment at Mrs. BG during the bloghop. Sorry it has taken me awhile to return the visit. Loved your comparing the use of 'berk' to calling someone a 'silly sausauge'. I've been using 'silly sausauge' every chance I get-- Don't know if I'm using it correctly but it is fun to say!

    Memories of our beloved books from childhood are so special. Somehow I missed Paddington Bear as a kid but I did dress up in a Paddington Bear suit at age 14 for a promotion at a local bookstore-- lots of fun.


  3. I adore Paddington. Never did get into Mr. Pooh. I could identify with Paddington better i think because it seemed i was always getting into trouble without trying to be a pest much like Paddington.