Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Well, errr. Yeah....

Well, yes it's been a jolly long time since last I blogged. So long in fact that I have completely forgotten how to do so.

First things first. (obviously). What have I been up to since last I inflicted the ramblings upon the triple W? The answer is rather a lot. I have written and semi-edited a novel. I am still a good way to go on this. I shall of course share more on that when I post again. As it is a topic unto itself.

I have also decided to give art a go and bought some paints. Now the only painting I have done since pre-GCSE has been the occasional Airfix kit. So this is a big step.

In other news I am no further on any goals. Who knows I may be back later with a reinvented blog tone.

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