Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Change my dear, and it seems not a moment too soon

What better way to begin the regeneration of this blog then by using a quote from Doctor Who? The answer is there's no other way (to quote Blur).

I have basically decided that the way I have been blogging up to now is wrong. Not wrong, wrong. Just not my style. That is partly why I didn't blog for so long. What I have decided to do instead is change it.

There will still be the occasional book review. I enjoy reading too much not too. Although for book reviews, I can strongly reccomend Ben's blog, the link to which is somewhere on the right.

I have decided to blog more about two things that are as important to me. They are writing, so I will talk about current writing projects and posting the occasional short story. The other thing I will also be posting are the occasional rant.

Why a rant? well. I like to just go on and on about a particular topic. To be entirely honest, rants is not the right word. To be more accurate, I would say more highly opinionated and possibly humorous reviews. Not of books but of TV shows or films I have recently seen. Hell, I may do the occasional advert. Show those blinking Halifax ads what for.

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