Sunday, 4 July 2010

Crocodile Tears

By Anthony Horowitz.

Another kids book, well I say kids, this is what some class as a young adult. Now, I came to the series fairly late on. I decided to give them a try after reading the Young Bond series and rather liking them, so I thought I would give what are considered to be a very good series of books a perusal.

I have to say I was very impressed. OK, so they are a very fantasy based concept, teen super spy. That is what makes it quite fun. Real escapism. They are very well written I have to say, now, the snob would add the dread words "for a kids book" to the end of that particular sentence. However I won't because I am not a snob. Now I am not saying that they are utterly brilliantly fantastically literature for all ages. However, they are written in a very clear, thrilling and yet in such a way that doesn't talk down to its audience. Which is what all good books aimed at younger readers intend to do.

Now, this book is the EIGHTH in the series. Now, many books do struggle with maintaining the series over such a long period. The James Bond series dipped around book 4 as did the Young Bond, they did however pick up again. This series did have that point and that was a couple of books ago. However this book really is a return to form. It is a good, page turning thrilling read. However it isn't all action, the book also educates. It for example has given me some rather useful little facts about GM crops and poisonous creatures. Whilst I wouldn't claim to be an expert on these, I now know more than I did.

Overall, you can feel that the series is beginning to wind down. There is in fact only one book left for Alex and then another one following another character to come. You really do get this feeling as you read the book. Characters do seem to be changing and the whole thing feels to be growing as a series. Definitely a nice little book.

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