Monday, 1 March 2010

The start (an introduction)

Well, this is it. The start of easily the longest commitment in my life. Forget school, forget the degree. This is the proverbial IT (note the capitals, they are an intrinsic part of all this).

What is a TYSIC?

A TYSIC is an acronym. The letters stand for Ten Year Self Improvement Challenge.

What does this entail?

The concept was created by hilarious stand-up, environmental campaigner and sports fan Mark Watson. Who can be found here. Over the course of the next Ten Years I will be aiming to complete a series of goals that will hopefully improve myself as a person.

What are your goals?

My aims are:
  1. Get myself published
  2. Learn to Drive
  3. Visit a major sporting event (world cup, Olympics, European Championship)
  4. Attain an MA in Museum related stuff
  5. Learn a musical instrument to a competent degree
Hopefully this blog will see me stick to the challenge that I would otherwise forget about after the initial rush. The whole thing starts on March 4th.

Also the blog will see updates on other topics such as sport and anything else that takes my fancy.


  1. awesomeeeee. i am looking forward to how this pans out. especially the 'anthing else that takes [your] fancy' column of life.

    i just posted my first TYSIC post. btw, how do you get you rlink to be on the word 'here' rather than having the url there itself?

  2. Sounds brill...i too have jumped on the TYSIC band wagon. After linking it to facebook i have have been justifying it all evening. Strange how people find it strange to right your goals down!

    I plan to take a very similar approach to blogging, im very new to it and consider it one of my major tasks in attempting to complete the TYSIC. Good Luck to all embarking on this journey.